Faema Boutique

In the heart of Montreal's Little Italy, at the corner of Jean-Talon and Saint-Laurent, the family-run Faema boutique opened its doors nearly 50 years ago.

Since the existing building was being renovated, we were commissioned to completely redesign the store interior.

Drawing inspiration from the latest Italian trends, while reflecting the history of the family and business, the concept incorporated existing architectural elements into the new design.

Raw materials such as wood, steel, brass, quartz and porcelain with classic motifs were integrated into the current decor, adding a contemporary twist.

A new reception counter that combines the cash, service counter and coffee shop has become the focal point of the shop.

A special "hall of fame" area was created in the entryway, recognizing the work accomplished by the company's founders.

The concept was inspired by the idea of keeping the original brass-framed terrazzo flooring. Once the original tiles were polished, they regained their former lustre—attesting to their virtually limitless lifespan. The new main ceiling, featuring box beams, lacquered panels and LED lighting panels, serves as a contemporary reflection of the floor tiles by employing the same brass framing.

A variety of display pillars and tables were incorporated into the retail area, allowing customers to peruse the different models of coffee machines available at the boutique.